Science and Technology has always been a popular topic among students taking the A levels. Students always think that they know a lot about this topic given their association with technology on a day to day basis but do they really? As recent trends in the A levels have shown, Science and Technology questions are getting tougher and more narrow in their scope, demanding a higher level of analysis and sophistication from the students in order to get a good quality grade.

In order for you to master this topic, there are a few aspects of Science and Technology for you to know.

  1. Medical Technology- stem cells, cloning, 3D printing, organ transplant, genetic engineering etc.
  2. Weapons Technology – especially that of nuclear
  3. Environmental Technology- green and renewable sources of energy
  4. Surveillance Technology – how it impacts on privacy and rights of individuals and countries?
  5. Banking Technology- Cashless transactions like Bitcoin, Paywave etc.
  6. Information and Communication Technology- Coding

Of course, knowing these different aspects of S&T would not suffice. Students would need to know how S&T interacts with various aspects of life. One area of concern would be that of ethics and religion. How will the development of S&T impact ethics and will it even conflict with religion?

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