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For Group Classes, please do sms/ call Mr. Teng at +65 9815 6827.

Private individual or small group lessons

If you want a lesson curated just for you or even a couple of friends, please do sms/ call Mr. Teng at +65 9815 6827. Timings are subjected to availability


  • Ben

    My child got B for H1 Math forA lvl this year but limited choice to university. Would it be possible to do H2 Math self study with tuition for A lvl private candidate this year?

    • Yes, but for this year (2017), your child has two options, which are H2 Math (9740) or H2 Math (9758). The former is using the syllabus for the H2 Math students last year, while the latter is the current H2 Math syllabus taught in schools. Do note that for application to local university, he needs to retake 3h2 and h1 GP, and cannot just retake H2 Math to add on to the certificate he received for his 2016 A’levels.
      You may contact me at +65 9815 6827 too.

      Click to learn more about new syllabus

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