Sampling & Survey #5 – Sampling weight, Confidence Interval and sample size in SRS

So let us now continue study SRS. Recall in part 3, we introduced the idea of unit inclusion probability. Subsequently, we introduced , which is the sampling weight. The sampling weight of unit i [...]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the visitors! Thanks for following or reading. 🙂 Personally, Mr Teng has been really busy pursuing his personal interests. On a side note, I thought of [...]

Sampling & Survey #4 – Qualities of estimator in SRS

So we formally introduced the estimators used in SRS previously. Now, we are interested in how good our estimators are, and if you recall, by good, I refer to accuracy (MSE), Precision (Variance) [...]

Number Theory Question #1

So here is a cheeky question with regards to cryptography, its the basis of public key encryption in Cryptography. I had a student asked about cryptography once, its a really interesting and [...]

Sampling & Survey #3 – Simple Random Sampling

Today we shall look at the first sampling method we introduced: Simple Random Sampling. Recall that we mentioned that this is the most basic form of probability sampling since it provides the [...]

Sampling & Survey #2 – Simple Probability Samples

So recall that we are interested on the statistical aspects of taking and analysing a sample, and a good sample will be representative in the sense that characteristics of interest in the [...]

Customer Analytics #1 – Introduction

I’ll dive straight into what is customer analytics using an example. Consider that Pixar calls me and says about a Disney film, that they want to for instance, predict how many people are [...]

Vectors Question #1

Since I’m at the topic of Vectors for most of my JC1 classes, I thought I share an interesting question regarding it. Yes, some students do tell me the questions aren’t really [...]

Sampling & Survey #1 – Introduction

This is a new series (this is essentially post-graduate materials, meaning you need strong statistical background at university level) on Sampling and Survey. I know many JC students will think, [...]

Application Question (Philosophy)

The Application Question (AQ) has always been a struggle for many students who were first introduced to this in J1. Many students perhaps accustomed to scoring 2-3 marks for this section (out of [...]

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