Mr. Teng Kah Seng

A Teng for Math

B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics & Economics [NTU]
M.Sc. in Mathematics Education [NIE, NTU]
Master of Business Administration (MBA) [Quantic School of Business & Technology]
Higher Education Teaching Certificate [Derek Bok Center, Harvard University]
Over 10 years of Teaching Experience

A mathematician by training, Mr. Teng has always had a thing for Mathematics. Mathematics is a subject of discovery and excitement for Mr. Teng since his Junior College days. He continued his passion for Mathematics in University days, falling in love in particularly with Stochastic Calculus.

Through out his University days, Mr. Teng worked as a tutor in several known tuition centers. Teaching in different tuition centers exposed him to various teaching pedagogies. This enabled him to build up different methodologies to adapt to students’ needs. One of the key traits that Mr. Teng believes he outshines others is his adaptability. Mr. Teng does not rely on solutions and often think alongside with students. This allowed him to see it from a student’s perspective and explain it simply to the students. Mr. Teng also takes the A’levels annually, alongside with the students to keep abreast of the syllabus. He is proud to say that he has only gotten A and nothing else, for the past 10 years. Taking the A’levels annually is a personal belief of Mr. Teng that “A good teacher not only needs to be able to teach, but also be able to handle questions from the students’ perspective.”

To further facilitate students in their learning, Mr. Teng started as a personal website where he shares his undergraduate and JC Math teachings on it. Students can find several nifty tricks in Mathematics there too. Mr. Teng also discusses the A’levels paper on his website every year and shares his view with all the students taking the A’levels paper.

Mr. Teng’s education philosophy is to create an environment where learning is paced, purposeful and participative. He constantly challenges himself to adapt to each student’s learning habits. He had also worked with various publishers to prepare Mathematics Book (from primary to junior college level). Some of his published works are found below. He is also an education consultant with various enrichment centres.

When he is free, Mr. Teng spends time with his parents and wife, often indulging in meals that the wife prepares. As a financial mathematics student before, he also enjoys value investment.

Mr. Teng holds a MBA in Quantic School of Business & Technology, Masters in Science for Mathematics from NIE and Bachelor in Science for Mathematics and Economics from NTU. He also holds several qualifications from UPenn, LSE and Harvard University. Aside from teaching, Mr. Teng is also a limited partner at a fund.

Publishing works



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