Trigonometry Formulae & Applications (Part 2)

I meant to share more on factor Formulae today. However, a few students are not so sure how to get the R-formulae correctly during their preliminary exams recently. So I thought that I’ll [...]

Trigonometry Formulae & Applications (Part 1)

Upon request by some students, I’ll discuss a few trigonometry formulae here and also some of their uses in A’levels. I’ve previously discussed the use of factor formulae here [...]

Random Questions from 2017 Prelims #2

Today I’ll share a question that came out of CJC Prelim 2017 Paper 1 for H2 Mathematics 9758. I think some of my student would have seen this question before and we discussed it in class [...]

Random Sec 4 Differentiations

B6 let Sub to Thus, it is a min point. C7 let (NA). There are no stationary points for this curve. C8 Let Evaluate with a calculator…

Reimagining mathematical notations

Maths notation is often overly complex. Let’s see how this can be better:

Question of the Day #17

This is a pretty cool and interesting question from AMC. There are four lifts in a building. Each makes three stops, which do not have to be on consecutive floors on include the ground floor. For [...]

Arithmetic Problem #7

I came across this interesting algebra/ arithmetic problem the other day. … Do you think this will always work? Hint: We can use algebra to prove this cool sequence easily. Arithmetic [...]

O’levels Results 2016!

All of us wish the students receiving the O’levels Results 2016 the best! And do not let grades define you. 🙂 If you’re keen to meet up with us for the JC Talk, you may contact [...]

30 Free Awesome Resources for Students

  New year, new you. Be ready to tackle on the new academic year with these awesome resources curated by  You’re welcome. Did we miss anything out? Let us know by leaving a [...]

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