After teaching H2 Mathematics for so many years and sharing my suggested solutions post A-levels, I thought I collate them nicely and type them all neatly here in Latex. 🙂 Please be kind to be should I make any careless mistakes as I typed them all out and spell check does not work with math equations. Feel free to comment.

Current Students of mine can obtain the past year papers from me.

Thoughts before 2016 A-level H2 Mathematics

Challenging A’levels Questions


2016 Prelim Papers (Free to download)

All solutions here are SUGGESTED. Mr. Teng will hold no liability for any errors. Comments are entirely personal opinions.


  • Thank You

    Thank you for uploading these answers! May I know if you guys will be publishing suggested solutions for H2 Chemistry A Levels 2015 as well?

  • Sjdbdbd

    Hello, thank you Mr Teng for sharing the answers. This comment is for students who will be sitting for A Level H2 Math after 2016. It’s important to work hard but do not be too worried if u think u missed grade A by a few points in the A levels. I sat for A Level H2 Math in 2016. After checking the answers online, I got ~71 answers marks and at most 73-76 if I include method marks but still got an A in the end. Good luck!

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