“Human actions should be based on scientific fact, not religious faith.” How far do you agree with this statement?


Scientific fact- based on logic, rational, proven

Religious faith- spiritual belief, morality guides actions

Human actions- developments in science and technology, business decisions, personal decisions in our lives

This question requires students to discuss if our actions should be based on rational thought or based on the irrational and faith in our lives. Of course, we should not just make decisions based on practicality reasons or even just based on spiritual beliefs. Human actions should always be guided based on a fine balance of both practical and moral beliefs.

Possible arguments

  1. Basing decisions on religious faith will render mankind to be unable to breakthrough lots of developments, especially on the scientific field.
  2. Scientific fact ensures that the decisions we make are rational and always to our best interests after taking into account the cost and benefits of the decisions we are making.
  3. Decisions guided on religious faith should ensure that underhand methods or even immoral methods are not being resorted to during business transactions.


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