The Application Question (AQ) has always been a struggle for many students who were first introduced to this in J1. Many students perhaps accustomed to scoring 2-3 marks for this section (out of 10 marks) have given up on it totally from what I have heard. As such, this post is to dispel the belief that this component of the paper “can’t be studied” and that students should leave it to “luck” to decide if they can even tackle the topic.

AQ loves to touch on philosophical topics which leaves many students fazed. If it is a content based topic, surely students should be able to handle it better right?

So, here’s some of the possible AQ philosophical topics that are common:

  1. The pursuit of happiness
  2. The value of loneliness
  3. Value of risk-taking
  4. Materialism vs consumerism and the impact on happiness
  5. Managing diversity in a society
  6. Problems in city-life
  7. Identity- its fluidity and influence on culture in this globalized world
  8. Narcissism

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