The Culture SG is an educational team that believes in the empowerment of students’ independent learning through the provision of free resources, mainly GP and Mathematics notes, to inspire students to learn better. In the process, The Culture SG aspires to build a positive learning culture within our own student’s community so that they can influence the next generation of critical and creative thinkers. Following these basic principles helped us grow in our love for teaching and learning. More importantly, we have discovered that, by sharing our ‘passion’ for teaching and learning, and using these principles with enthusiasm and empathy connects with learners. As a result, teaching with clarity, passion, empathy, and sincere enthusiasm, effectively impacts learners, ultimately connecting them to their ‘passion’ and lifelong learning.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy evolved through our  many years of teaching experience. We find that our mission as a teacher is as follows:

1. to promote positive learning;

2. to inspire students to want to learn.

3. and to impact their learning journey

Our Methodology

Cognitive functioning level(s) of the learner: All students have varying levels of intuition for H2 Mathematics, we call this cognitive thinking.

From our experience, students always lack the link or that spark to implement and apply the essential strategies in tackling the problem. We always push our students’ limits and seek to break complexities to simplicities. To ensure students fully optimise their learning, we seek to understand how they think, so that we can prime their brain for various questions.


An essential consideration for H2 Mathematics teachers pertains to overall curriculum and instructional planning. Whether the instructional approach is based on a behavioral model (direct instruction, mastery learning), a cognitive model (exposition/presentation), or a constructivist model (inquiry-based/Socratic methods, cooperative learning), I plan and implement lessons that clearly identify the lesson objective, anticipatory set, strategies for effective student engagement, and assessment options to measure student mastery. This helps me teach with both clarity and focus. Students benefit with reinforced understanding and examination performance.

Learning theory

Different students have different learning curves and abilities. With so many learning theories that have been studied, I constantly seek to improve and adapt different strategies with different students. Having studied economics in university also exposed me to Behavioral Theory, it allowed me to pick up behaviours or responses from students positively and curate classes for them. Learning Theory, coupled with a good understanding of cognitive teaching methods, provides the framework for me to curate optimal strategies, which can both accomodate individual preferences, engage diverse learners, and help establish a perspectives.


We strongly believe that assessment is very crucial. It gives us insights on the students’ level of learning and also how well we’ve helped students to learn. We have topical reviews and consolidations frequently to allow students to keep their progress. They can also approach Mr. Teng for questions and help any time.


Where are lessons held at?

For group lessons, they will be held with Learners’ Lodge as Mr. Teng and he only holds group lessons with Learners’ Lodge. Group lessons details can be found here .

How are lessons conducted?

In general, we review content with examples and attempt questions. These notes are curated by Mr. Teng personally. The style of teaching is adopted mainly from his graduate studies with NIE.  All lessons will be 2 hours long.

What makes H2 Mathematics lesson taught by KS different?

Mr. Teng has vast experiences with analytics work and a strong background in stochastic calculus. He loves to share his experiences with students and also create questions that push them to think further. Graduate studies in both NIE and NTU allowed him to learn different teaching methods and he does his best to adapt to different students’ needs. His notes are all done by him personally and students that join his classes can experience themselves the difference.

Who conducts the lessons?

All lessons will be conducted by Mr. Teng personally. If he is away for work or sick, a make-up lesson will be conducted. It is a personal belief for Mr. Teng to not use relief teachers.

Does Mr. Teng teach other subjects?

Mr. Teng specialises on H2 Mathematics, that is, he has a structured coursework for H2 Mathematics.He does H2 Further Mathematics and IB Mathematics upon requests only.

Does KS conduct lessons privately?

Yes, you need to contact Mr. Teng personally at +65 9815 6827 for further information. Students keen on H2 Further Mathematics and IP Mathematics help, need to contact him personally. Subject to availability.

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