Last Hustle for A’levels 2017

Last Hustle for A’levels 2017

JC General Paper, JC Mathematics, Mathematics

As we are all busy counting down to A’levels, Mr Teng would like to share the preparatory course that he has tailored for students.
The lessons will all be $70 for each session and the max class size will be 15 students.

Lessons will be held at:
Newton Apple Learning Hub
Blk 131, Jurong Gateway Road #03-263/265/267 Singapore 600131
Tel: +65 6567 3606

You may contact Tutor KS for further questions.

Details are as follow:

Last Hustle for A’levels

“Lets’ Hustle!”

RVHS GP Prelims paper 1 2017

RVHS GP Prelims paper 1 2017

JC General Paper
  1. Is being innovative more desirable than keeping the status quo?
  2. ‘The promise of science and technology cannot be realised without the humanities.’ Do you agree?
  3. Is politics today nothing but a series of empty promises?
  4. ‘Education perpetuates rather than fights inequality.’ Comment.
  5. ‘Men only need to be good, but women have to be exceptional.’ To what extent is this true in the workplace today?
  6. Is increased military spending justifiable when countries are not at war?
  7. Should we always be compassionate?
  8. To what extent is renewable energy the solution for the world’s increasing need for energy?
  9. Consider the relevance of patriotism in your society today.
  10. Given that the global population is growing rapidly, should people be having more children?
  11. To what extent are the needs of the marginalised met in your society?
  12. ‘There is no such thing as bad art.’ Discuss
RI JC GP Prelims paper 1 2017

RI JC GP Prelims paper 1 2017

JC General Paper
  1. ‘The protection of animals is an indulgence.’ Do you agree?
  2. ‘In an increasingly uncertain world, there is little point in predicting the future.’ Discuss
  3. Would the world be a better place without religion?
  4. ‘We should abolish state funding for the Arts.’ How far do you agree that this should be the case for your society?
  5. ‘Business should have no place in politics.’ Do you agree?
  6. ‘Scientific knowledge cannot be trusted because it is unreliable.’ Is this a fair statement?
  7. ‘Celebrities today do little that is worth of celebration.’ Discuss.
  8. Are machines making humans obsolete?
  9. Consider the importance of non-conformity in your society.
  10. ‘Achieving greater income equality for all is a desirable but unrealistic goal.’ Do you agree?
  11. How effective is technology in making us healthier?
  12. ‘History is just set of lies.’ Discuss.
Tampines GP Prelim Paper 1 2017

Tampines GP Prelim Paper 1 2017

JC General Paper

Tampines Junior College 8807 H1 General Paper Paper 1 2017

  1. How realistic is it for your society to embrace diversity?
  2. Protecting the environment should be given greater priority than eradicating poverty. How far do you agree?
  3. ‘Appearance can be deceiving.’ To what extent is this true of the media today?
  4. Discuss the view that smart devices have not made us smarter.
  5. Education is the key to solving all social problems. Discuss.
  6. Should firms have the responsibility to improve the quality of life of the communities they operate in?
  7. Assess the view that literature is of little use to society.
  8. Wealth is no guarantee of a better life. How far do you agree?
  9. History is of little significance to a modern society. Discuss.
  10. ‘Failure is always an option.’ Discuss.
  11. A free and unrestricted media is essential for society to progress. How far do you agree?
  12. How far is the arts a reflection of your society’s level of development?
June Crash Course

June Crash Course

Chemistry, JC Chemistry, JC Mathematics, Mathematics

The team at The Culture SG has been really busy and we have a lot of things prepared to help you guys work for that A. First up! Crash course for June…

And we know it is a bit late to be announcing this on the site now, but we have really been caught up with preparing our students lately that we don’t have the time to properly update here. So here are the details for the Math Crash Course and the Chemistry Crash Course.

P.S. For SCIENCE students who wish to chiong in October, please take note that the H2 Chem/ Phy/ Bio Paper 4 (practical) is in October. So better start soon! Here are the details!

Click to view

For 3 hr lessons, they are priced at $105.

For 2 hr lessons, they are priced at $70.

Lessons will be held at:
Newton Apple Learning Hub
Blk 131, Jurong Gateway Road #03-263/265/267 Singapore 600131
Tel: +65 6567 3606

For math enquiries, you may contact Mr. Teng at +65 9815 6827.

For chem enquiries, you may contact Ms. Chan at +65 93494384.

For GP enquiries, you may contact Ms. Chen at +65 91899133.

Should increased automation be embraced by our society?

Should increased automation be embraced by our society?

JC General Paper

In this latest May day’s speech by PM Lee, a lot of focus has been given to the future of jobs and the changing economy of Singapore. For a summary of the speech, you could refer to this link <a href=””></a>

This has got me thinking about the current trajectory of the economy and what the future could possibly bring. The future holds a promising outlook, yet very uncertain and challenging at the same time. Why has it been so? This could be due to increasing automation that we see in our society! According to World Economic Forum, the rise of technology will lead to more than 5 million jobs being eliminated. Redundancies would be widespread and companies would have to restructure in order to meet with this new challenge. We are already starting to see the rise of disruptive technologies, and a move towards the sharing economy through businesses like Uber, Grab, Airbnb, Deliveroo etc. In the process, many middleman are cut out and many taxi drivers worldwide have protested against their dwindling earnings. Retail industry growth has been sluggish, and many retail giants are struggling to keep afloat in an environment where consumers are increasingly looking at online spaces for shopping. Automation, disruptive technologies, and artificial intelligence are bound to eliminate even more jobs and spread to other industries such as healthcare, education etc.

This begs the question of whether society should embrace automation? We are going to see increasingly number of Singaporeans unemployed, unable to adapt and change according to the world economy and increased strain on government budget to sustain these people. The ones that are going to benefit from the future economy would be businesses that took advantage of these changes, and individuals who have the specialized skills and knowledge to adapt. What then is going to happen to the rest of the society? How then should we mitigate against such changes? Here’s something for you to consider about robot tax that is proposed by Bill Gates to mitigate against robots taking away human jobs:<a href=”;r=US&amp;IR=T”>;r=US&amp;IR=T</a>

A more comprehensive discussion would be done during class this week for my students 😛 See ya!

Junior College education: A path increasingly less traveled?

Junior College education: A path increasingly less traveled?

JC General Paper

Following up from the previous blog post about JC merger, it seems that there are more interesting and candid responses from the public. Here is one example that could interest you: <a href=””></a>

This begs the question whether the merger is an attempt to make JC education more exclusive/competitive, considering that 7 out of the 8 JCs involved in the merger “happened” to have the worst cut off points. Also, this attempt is seen as an elitist move to improve the quality of education for this system.

Considering this trend, poly education would be where the majority is heading towards… what then would be the purpose of JC education? We all know that for the more popular courses in poly such as accountancy, business admin and even engineering, some of the best students from the O levels are vying hard to get in. It is not uncommon to hear of 6 pointers who want to go to poly since they find the education there to be more broad-based,  Is it to train the academically inclined ppl to pursue academia in universities? would this system be slowly phased out in the years to come? (Many have criticized the JC education to be too theory-based; does not teach real life skills and applications. With all the technology-disruptions today and the move towards a sharing economy, where does the JC education fit?)

In times of economic hardship, should a country still be expected to provide financial or material aid to others?

In times of economic hardship, should a country still be expected to provide financial or material aid to others?

JC General Paper

Students are expected to address the criteria of this question throughout the essay; it being in times of economic hardship. For a quality essay, the terms “should” and “expected” should be addressed as well. For instance, a country should still give aid, but perhaps not be expected at a time when its survival is in question, and it does not have a healthy budget balance.

Financial aid- capital/loans/money

Material aid- manpower/distribution of basic goods and necessities

  • Provision of aid during economic hard times could be a political statement and commitment to the recipient country, helping to foster greater political relations in the long term. Giving of aid should be expected especially if the recipient country needs it more than the donor country. Such circumstances could be when the recipient country is facing civil war and there is urgent need of aid to cease the fighting etc. Another possible instance could be during times of natural disasters/emergencies. Also, for most of the donor country, aid takes up a small portion of their budget, hence it should not affect the current economy severely even if the country continues to give out aid during hard times. Aid accounts for 0.5% of the US budget yearly.
  • Governments should be responsible and accountable to their citizens first especially during hard times, hence aid should be allocated domestically rather than elsewhere. The dollar votes of the citizens and their voices are important, and it is only right that countries should be concerned with their own self-preservation before others. After all, an economically prosperous country will then be able to contribute more to the international community, rather than a slow and stagnate economy that is facing difficult times.
  • Perhaps a country should look at other means of support, rather than the provision of aid during bad times. It is presumptuous to assume that aid helps to alleviate the problems faced by the recipient countries. Often, aid may actually harm local industries and foster this sense of self-entitlement and dependency on the donor nations.
  • Legal obligations under international law could possibly bind countries to continue giving aid to another country. A short term economic difficulty does not suffice to repudiate this commitment, especially when contracts have been signed beforehand, and the donor country may risk ruining their legitimacy and international standing.

In dire situations, countries should still continue to give aid to one another. However, expectations to scale down in terms of aid is definitely reasonable and justifiable.

Applications of modern world

JC General Paper

Dear students,

I’m sure you have come across the phrase “modern world” in your essay and application question especially. Are you aware that features of the modern world are the most important component to scoring in the AQ? So what exactly constitute these modern society features?

  1. Competitive society: goal to be better than the rest; to be part of the elites. Loss of compassion for humanity; stressful living environment.

  2. Fragmented world- a world split by differences and arguments

  3. Award driven/importance of credentials : Importance of a track record, help to secure deals, differentiate themselves and help government secure foreign direct investments.

  4. Capitalistic: Profit driven and materialistic. Exploitation and injustice of the developing countries.

  5. Global village- an increasingly progressive, liberal world. Greater interconnectedness that is brought about due to globalization.

  6. Belief in Human Rights: increasingly desire to lead the way of life like we want it

Here are some of the features of the modern world in which u can use to brainstorm for your essay and your AQ. Students in our classes are taught how to apply these in order to score the A needed for their AQ and essays.

Advice for JC1 students

Advice for JC1 students

JC General Paper, Studying Tips

Dear JC1 students,

This post is reaching out to all of you to encourage you to study well and to prepare for your upcoming promotional examinations. I’m sure by now most of you would have received your mid year results back, and should have a clearer picture on whether you are going to get promoted or are you at the brink of being retained.

The A levels is a very challenging and demanding examination, in fact it could easily be the most stressful examination that you will take in your life. I’m sure you are aware of how competitive the university admissions are. Prestigious courses across all 3 universities such as medicine, law, business administration require nearly straight As to enter. In fact, if you do not even manage a straight Bs, I’m not even sure what kind of courses will be left for you to enter. As such, reality better hits now and you are preparing not just for your promotional examinations but A levels too. A good foundation for year 1 will go a long way in helping you for your second year.

Seek help early from your school teachers or your tutors! Please do not wait till the last minute to book consultations. Nobody owes you a living and if you are so last minute, do not expect your teachers or tutors to accede to your requests!