“In your society, do the arts merit the vast sums of money spent on it?”

Between the 1960s and 1990s, there has been a strong perception that the arts were an abstract waste of time. More focus was invested on STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – [...]

How important is it for people in your society to retain a sense of tradition?

Traditions are important because it provides people with a way to govern themselves in a world where moral standards are now often being compromised. Most traditions have moral and ethical [...]

Can nuclear research be justified?

Nuclear research, despite its usefulness in benefitting the populace, can also be used as a form of weaponry to destroy, with catastrophic results. Nuclear technology is extremely harmful in its [...]

Advice for JC1 students

Dear JC1 students, This post is reaching out to all of you to encourage you to study well and to prepare for your upcoming promotional examinations. I’m sure by now most of you would have [...]

How to get an A for General Paper

Many students have always wondered how to score an A for General Paper especially leading up to their examinations.  Besides knowing your basic content for the essay question that you are [...]

Advice for J2 students who are still failing at this stage

Dear J2 students, This coming week should be when your examination results are being released to you. After a month of intensive studying in June, how do you think you will fare? Based on my [...]

Environmental Conservation is solely the responsibility of the government. Do you agree?

Environmental Conservation is solely the responsibility of the government. Do you agree? Environmental questions are possibly the simplest to tackle in the examination given the predictability of [...]

Is it ever justifiable to break the law?

Is it ever justifiable to break the law? “Ever justifiable”: set a criteria for such a question. Possible criteria that you can set: 1) law implemented is unlawful/ unreasonable e.g. [...]

GP Fun Fact Poverty #2

Here is a continuation of our post on poverty. Take a look at these figures and think about the glaring divide between the haves and the haves-not. What are some of your feelings and thoughts? [...]

Fun Facts #1: Poverty

This is going to be a very somber post about poverty around the world today… While considering the posts and the stats, please also consider some issues like income inequality; why is [...]