With regards to a recent post, I shall share further on Mathematical Computing and how we can start on it.

So to assist me in not over-simplifying the journey, I’ve personally signed up for an online course with Coursera to learn Python. I have prior experience with Python, C++, Matlab, R & Stata. So yes, I might not struggle in the course much but I can refresh on the basics and hopefully recall my struggles and share here.

Not the Snake! Credits: python.org
Not the Snake! Credits: python.org

Firstly, I recommend Python as a beginner mathematical computing language. It is also the language that is being taught to Year 1’s in NUS (NTU teaches Matlab instead). I think Python is more straight forward and easy to understand. Furthermore, it sets the foundations straight for future endeavours into other language too. I also recommended the Python Course to a fellow educator whose son wants to learn a bit.

Does your math need to be strong to do mathematical computing? Not really since this is altogether a different thing. Math focuses on problem solving, so the implantation of a algorithm simply hasten the process.

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