Programming, why not?

As some of my closer students know, my brother is a web developer (I think that is the best I can do to introduce his job). And yes, you might have guessed that he is also the creator of this [...]

Learning Python #1

I’ve been playing around with Python these days, and even participate in an online course with Coursera. I’ve previously shared that Python is a good starting point for any student [...]

Mathematical Computing #1

With regards to a recent post, I shall share further on Mathematical Computing and how we can start on it. So to assist me in not over-simplifying the journey, I’ve personally signed up for [...]

Prime Numbers and their uses

Prime Numbers are numbers that are only divisible by itself and 1. However, you will be amazed that the pursuit of prime numbers has gifted us a number that is 17 million digits long. So what is [...]

Helping students with Math Course

As I mentioned, a few of my students are planning to enter Math courses in the university post A-levels. They approached me regarding university courses and advices. We shall look at a few local [...]

Mathematics with Computers

[ted id=1007] I want to share this video with students to highlight the importance of learning computing today. Many A-level students do not realise, but their peers in universities (especially [...]

Why is it all triangles in 3D

We see objects all the time and our brains decode the 3D shapes, but how do computers model these shapes and why break it all down to triangles?