The following are a list of A-levels topics in H2 Mathematics. I’ve added what I feel is the hardest part of each topic amongst students.

  1. Functions: Finding the range of a composite
  2. Curve Sketching: Sketching curves with unknowns and solving conics’ roots.
  3. Graphing Transformations: Finding the correct transformation the new graph went through from the original.
  4. Inequalities: When there are modulus
  5. Arithmetic Progression & Geometric Progression: Finding the general formula for those interest rate questions
  6. Summation and Series: MI with Trigo
  7. Recurrence Relation: Conjecture
  8. Differentiation: Parametric equations
  9. Maclaurins’ Series: “Hence” parts which require students to either approximate or relate to standard series.
  10. Integration: With trigonometry
  11. Definite Integral: Identify the region they want and crafting the correct rotation formula
  12. Differential Equations: with given substitution. General vs Particular Solution
  13. Vectors I: When no numbers are given, and its just all a, b, c.
  14. Vectors II: Distance between two planes, geometrical interpretations.
  15. Complex Numbers: Locus of half line. Questions combined with vectors.
  16. Probability: story questions which students are still unable to identify the clear events
  17. Permutation & Combination: Honestly, don’t spend too long on this questions, beyond 15 minutes. There are too many ways you can suffer at the hands of this question. I can’t even permute it.
  18. Normal Distribution: Continuity Correction after approximation
  19. Binomial & Poisson Distribution: When we need to find X - Y for a passion distribution we know that we cannot take the difference of two poisson distributions.
  20. Hypothesis Testing: Wrong alternate hypothesis
  21. Correlation & Regression: Choosing the appropriate model

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