Thoughts on H2 Mathematics (9758) 2017 Paper 1

This is a new syllabus and this is the first time it will be tested. Personally, I don’t think it will be easy and students should not underestimate this upcoming A’levels. And I’m referring to [...]

Random Questions from 2017 Prelims #3

Here is another question that is from CJC H2 Mathematics 9758 Prelim Paper 1. Its a question on differentiation. I think it is simple enough and tests student on their thinking comprehension [...]

Integration By Parts

Today, I’ll share a little something about Integration by Parts. I want to share this because I observe that several students are over-reliant on the LIATE to perform Integration by Parts. [...]

Random Questions from 2017 Prelims #1

Last year, I shared a handful of random interesting questions from the 2016 Prelims. Students feedback that they were quite helpful and gave them good exposure. I thought I share some that [...]

Probability Question #4

A gambler bets on one of the integers from 1 to 6. Three fair dice are then rolled. If the gambler’s number appears times (), he wins latex k1. Calculate the gambler’s expected winnings

Problem Solving Tips #1

So these past months, I have been focusing on harnessing students’ abilities to interpret questions properly. Every line in a question is there for a reason and hold little pieces of information. [...]

Finding the coefficient of terms

This problem seem to bug many students, especially J1s who are doing Maclaurin’s series now. Many of the students are not sure how to find the coefficient of . They wonder how to [...]

Topics for A-levels H2 Mathematics

The following are a list of A-levels topics in H2 Mathematics. I’ve added what I feel is the hardest part of each topic amongst students. Functions: Finding the range of a composite Curve [...]

The Modulus Sign #3

Here, we shall discuss something called the Triangle inequality which states that . I thought this is rather important as I see too many students writing things like latex |2+(-2)| = 0latex [...]

The Modulus Sign #2

So now let us look at a simple relationship that many students memorise instead of understand. Below, we see a absolute function graph. Now we all know that gives us . So how did that happen? [...]

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