Normal Distribution Question #1

This is an interesting question from ACJC’2014 Prelim Exam. I feel that it test a lot on students’ understanding of the normal distribution curve.

The height X , in centimetres, of a randomly chosen girl in HTAM Junior College is normally distributed with mean \mu cm and standard deviation \sigmacm.

Given that P(X > \mu - \sigma) + P(x > \mu + \sigma) + P(\mu < X < \mu +2 \sigma)=1.38, find the P(X > \mu + 2\sigma).

Hint: Draw the curve and shade it out according. 🙂

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  • JA

    Hi the info given in your question is missing an info, because i checked the question in my question paper and you forgot to add in an expression. If not, the equation u given is =1, not 1.38

    • KS Teng

      yup, thanks. the syntax didnt parse.

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