Random Questions from 2017 Prelims #1

Last year, I shared a handful of random interesting questions from the 2016 Prelims. Students feedback that they were quite helpful and gave them good exposure. I thought I share some that [...]

Trigonometry Question #1

I saw this trigonometry question a few days ago. Hint:

Modulus Question #1

The following is a question that involves modulus, I think something similar came out in ACJC Prelim Paper to have students consider the range of x before attempting the inequality. For this [...]

Definite Integral Question #1

This is question that was tested in ACJC H2 Math Prelim P1 2015. A few of my students know how to answer it but were uncertain how to express it. Most students were concerned with (ii) of the [...]

Summation Question #3

This is an interesting and simple question. Putting the answer here will take the fun out of figuring this summation out. I will advice/ hint that you look at your standard series in MF15 [...]

Student’s Question #4

This is a very theoretical question with regards to hypothesis testing. My student asked what is meant by 1% level of significance. So I know that many would have memorised the standard format of [...]

Student’s Question #2

This question is with regards to parametric equations. We are given and my student have difficulties finding the equation of the line of symmetry. So let us first look at how parametric equations [...]

Student’s Question #1

This is question from an AJC prelim exams, I’m not really sure which year. The question prompts students if there will be a change in the r-value should, the scientists change the unit of [...]

Arithmetic Question #3

The average of 999 numbers is 999. From these numbers, I chose 729 of them and their average is 729. Find the average of the remaining numbers? Hint: Try to use algebra. Ans = 1728 Arithmetic [...]

Problem Solving Question #1

These series of questions target on students’ abilities to solve it. They are common questions used in job interviews and interviewers are more interested in learning how the interviewee [...]

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