Why I share suggested solutions for free

Many of my ex-students know that I send them this link post A-level. Prior to 2012, it was a link to a shared pdf that contains the suggested solutions that I rushed out, for both paper 1 and 2, [...]

Statistics before calculus!

This is an interesting opinion which I do agree with. Statistics is very much more applicable in today’s world, and important too. It helps students to think better and be more critical! So [...]

Ice Cream Week

Last week, I treated all my students to Ice Cream as a reward for their hardwork, or effort for their Midyears in June. I had the opportunity to chat with a handful of them and some of them are [...]

Upcoming Preliminary Exams 2015

One of my Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) student just told me he got 99th percentile for the recent Math Midyears but is still worried for Prelims. This is partly because they were only [...]

The General Paper – An Overview

What is General Paper (GP)? In essence, GP is academic writing and analyses on anything and everything, hence the term ‘general’. Topics covered in GP include: History Economics Law and Politics [...]

About H2 Math classes

Some Singapore parents and students have called, telling me they want to know more about the class structures. Most of my private classes range from one student to four students, preferably held [...]

Deriving the polar form for complex number

I always stress to students the importance of the basics of complex numbers, that is The three forms of the complex numbers. I have shown how to derive from the cartesian () to trigonometric form [...]

Simpson’s Rule

With regards to a recent post on The Simpson’s triangles. We know that Simpson’s is quite a witty show. So is there a rule? Yes! And this rule is called Simpson’s Rule! But what [...]

A sigh of relief

A J1 (Junior College Year 1) recently told me she was very impressed by what I did for her Mid years. Lets rewind a bit. Many J1s actually was worried about Mid years and wanted to have extra [...]

What is a regression line?

When we do correlation & regression as a topic, we know correlation is talking about the relationship between two variables, but what exactly is “regression”? So this is a bit of [...]