Ice Cream Week

Last week, I treated all my students to Ice Cream as a reward for their hardwork, or effort for their Midyears in June. I had the opportunity to chat with a handful of them and some of them are really stress about their upcoming A-level or promotional exams. Here is a little advice from experience.

J1s, I strongly encourage you to seek help if you have problems now. Promoting with straight E’s will not give you confidence in year 2. Junior College is only two years and things happen in a blink of eye. So do get ready and exhibit consistency.

J2s, by now most of my JC2 are half-way through their topical revision. I hope others out there are too as A-level is to each his own.

To the secondary school students who were jealous of the ice cream in the tuition centre, do know what you are signing up for in JC. We will have post O-levels talk in Jan – Feb to advise students on their options. It is free. So do look forward to it!:)

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