Many of my ex-students know that I send them this link post A-level. Prior to 2012, it was a link to a shared pdf that contains the suggested solutions that I rushed out, for both paper 1 and 2, in like an hour. In 2013 & 2014, I shared them on another site, Singapore Learner. I also rushed the suggested solutions out in an hour to put in up online.

I just want to clarify, I am not sadistic and want students to feel bad or torture them mentally by sharing my solutions. Furthermore, I do make a handful of mistakes while rushing them and I learn from them too. My main objective is to also collect different responses and provide a simple platform for discussion. Alternative methods by other tutors or students were being able to be shared there too. This helps me to improve. 🙂

Last but not least, having done the paper also allows me to respond and discuss with my students about it actively. At the same time, I can better prepare them for Paper 2.

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