Let’s talk about our future! (the youths specifically)

Once in a while, A level questions would like to test something hypothetical, about the future and whether prospects are going to be more optimistic or pessimistic. Of course, most of the focus [...]

Let’s talk about poverty

As we all know, essay questions on poverty are usually popular among students. It is an easy topic that usually asks about the reasons for poverty, whether this issue can be resolved, and whether [...]

What distinguishes a truly great work of art from a merely average one?

A truly great work of art: ability to attract the attention of its audience, invoking passion and strong emotion in them while at the same time, allowing for artists to disseminate their message [...]

Population problems eventually solve themselves-government meddling only makes things worse. Discuss

Government intervention solves population problems such as population decline, which will be left unresolved if left to the masses. With a preference for smaller families and a general [...]

Meritocracy? Junior colleges merger and its implications

It’s pretty interesting that shortly after our post on meritocracy, we have news about the junior college (JC) mergers. For more information about the news, you could take a look at [...]

Understanding meritocracy in Singapore

Before we start off on the topic of meritocracy, let’s examine this particular news article about it.  Based on the author’s argument, it is pretty clear that meritocracy is an [...]

Common Errors for Application Question(AQ)

My previous posts have touched on the points that you would need to excel in your AQ. It is also important for you to understand what are some pitfalls so that you will not make these mistakes. [...]

Evaluation for Application Question (AQ)

Have you ever wonder what teachers mean by evaluation? Many students have asked me this during my classes. Well to put it simply, evaluation for the AQ is not just simply stating whether you [...]

Characteristics of Singapore’s society (Application Question)

This list is non-exhaustive and serves as a guide for you to expand on Singapore’s characteristics…  Pls take a look at my previous post on Singapore’s characteristics, so that [...]

Do’s and Don’ts For Application Question (AQ)

Are you interested to know what are the requirements of a good Application Question (AQ)? Well according to the examiner’s report, the best AQ responses are/demonstrate: [...]