Understanding meritocracy in Singapore

Before we start off on the topic of meritocracy, let’s examine this particular news article about it. 

Based on the author’s argument, it is pretty clear that meritocracy is an esteemed principle of governance in Singapore. It is based on achieving equality of opportunities, rather than equality of outcomes. It is a system to filter candidates and for Singapore to achieve efficiency rather than equality(assuming that the most talented individual would get the job/opportunities). This stark reality of meritocracy could be the very reason why Singapore is having increasing social inequality, as this concept actually serves to widen the difference among us, and not reduce the difference.

However, over the years, meritocracy as a concept has been presented as a “golden ticket” for all, as long as one is willing to work hard and strive, opportunities would be present, and we would all be able to achieve social mobility and get to wherever we want in society.

What do you think about this concept of meritocracy? I’m aware that I’m making a bold statement here that meritocracy serves to widen inequality rather than reduce it and that it is the cause of Singapore’s inequality. Let me know what you think and how should the state change its policy if need be?

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