Dear students,

This is a special post going out to all of you. Considering that your A levels are drawing near and you are already in the midst of your prelims, what are some topics that you are still struggling with? What are some essays that you would like to see a post on?

The team will do their best to meet your requests! Just comment on the section below the post 🙂



  • Bob

    Hi.. I am still failing GP.. for the past one month, I have been practising compre and writing essays.
    I want to ask is it enough for me to prepare environment, media, and discrimination as the topics to study? What will Cambridge probably test on this year? And do you have any tips for paraphrasing?
    Thank you..

    • Bob

      For compre, I often take the authors ideas literally and therefore the paraphrasing might not be correct. For example, “Advertising is everywhere”, I paraphrased it as “we can recognise advertisements most of the time”, which is an inaccurate paraphrasing. How can I improve on this?

      • Christine Chen

        For AQ, if u are unsure of the paraphrasing but understand the point, i would suggest for u to quote the author’s argument directly. U may lose out on a bit of language marks, but it beats having u answer the whole question wrongly and failing this component. Paraphrasing is taught in our lessons, u may need to come for a trial class to find out more. It is very difficult to teach skills over writing.

    • Christine Chen

      hi bob,

      pls note that these 3 topics to prep for A levels arent enough. They are very narrow topics and these are not topics that come out every year. A sure bet topic that would come out every year would be sci and tech, arts and general questions.

      I will be doing a prediction on this blog after the prelims. Do watch out for this space.

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