Dear readers,

In view of your upcoming examinations and to help you better prepare for them in this final stretch, we are pleased to announce that we are having a crash course for General paper this September holidays. We will be focusing on imparting our skills to you to help you ace your examinations. Our content lectures have been covered during the June holidays already (but pls request for them if you have missed them or feel that you really need them, we may consider re-running depending on demand).

Our crash course will focus on:

  1. Analyzing the different essay question types and the strategies on how to tackle them.
  2. Techniques to tackle and handle Application Questions effectively for both single and double passages
  3. Techniques for short answer questions especially literary-types of questions (like metaphors, paradox etc).
  4. Scaffolding of content to handle the requirements of each type of essay questions.

Each crash course will be 8 hrs long from 8th-9th Sept.  The timings for J1 would be 8-12pm on both days; for J2 it would be 1-5pm.  Please note that this is your last chance to get intensive revision before your A levels. Miss at your own cost.

For registration and further enquiries, please contact us at 90050181 or 92223423.


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