Fun Facts #1 Money

Dear Readers,

Our next series will be on money. This is to help you for the GP topic on money and business. Take a look at them, have some fun and learn something new.

#1: If you have 10 in your pocket, with no debt, you are richer than 25% of Americans (WOW, are you surprised? This points towards the high debt level that Americans are in- culture of consumerism?)  #2: A study has reported that individuals are happier when they spend their money on experiences (travel) rather than possessions.  #3:75 trillion is in circulation in the world, if we were to distribute this amount, each person would have an average of 11,000 only.  #4: Blood donation is a4.5 billion industry every year in the US– meaning the blood you donate is being sold on the open market for a price!

#5: Singapore has the highest paid Prime Minster in the world, earning an approximately 4 times more than President Obama. In fact, the PM pay is equivalent to the next 10 highest paid PM pay combined.

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