Fun facts #4 Women

Dear Readers,

This will be the last series about fun facts for women. I’m sure you are getting bored with this series, we will be moving on to the next one soon!

#1: only 2% of the women consider themselves as beautiful. (what does this say about the media portrayal of women? Does it have such a negative impact on a woman’s self esteem?)

#2: 1/6 women in the US have been a victim of sexual assault (so much for not treating women like property… equal rights for women right?)

#3: Niger has the highest number of children per women in the world : 7

#4: The average women in the UK have an average of 150 hairstyles in their lifetime, and an average women in the US will own an average of 11 branded handbags in their lifetime. (WOW, what does this say about the quality of living in the developed states compared to the developing states in the world? What does it say about the culture of consumerism in the world? Are they being fueled by the mass media?)

#5: Jamaica, Colombia and St Lucia are the only countries in the world in which women are more likely to be bosses than men. (gender norms and stereotypes that women should not be bosses? glass ceiling evident at work?)

#6: 30% of the businesses are owned by women in the US

#7: In china, women in their late 20s who are unmarried are called the “leftover women”. Their parents will go to the local marriage market to match-make their kids, with their full physical and academic details. Also, an unmarried woman is considered to be “incomplete” in her life and faces a lot of stress from society to quickly find a partner.

#8: Every 13 minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer in the US

#9: Worldwide, women earns 18 trillion, but spend28 trillion annually.

#10: The smallest wage gap is found in New Zealand: under 5% only. (for the exact same academic qualifications)

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