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Let X denote the mass of pineapple tarts and \mu denote the population mean mass of pineapple tarts.

H_0: \mu = 0.9

H_1: \mu ~ \textless ~ 0.9

Unbiased estimate of population mean = 0.8825

s^2 = 0.0747854073^2 \approx 0.00559 (3 SF)

Under H_0, \bar{X} \sim \mathrm{N} (\mu, \frac{s^2}{n})

Test Statistic, T = \frac{\bar{X}- \mu}{\frac{s}{\sqrt{n}}} \sim t(7) at 10% level of significance.

Using GC, p-value = 0.264619 > 0.1

\Rightarrow, do not reject H_0

There is insufficient evidence at 10% significance level to reject the stall owner’s claim.

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