Call for Registration 2018!

Registration for classes in 2018 has been opened. You can find out more about the class schedules here. Do note that JC1 class will commence in first week of January as there are registrations [...]

2017 A-level H2 Mathematics (9740) Suggested Solutions

Please take note that this is the solutions for H2 Mathematics (9740) Click here for H2 Mathematics (9758) suggested solutions Paper 1 Paper 2 Relevant materials MF26 KS Comments:

H2 Mathematics (9740) 2016 Prelim Papers

So many students have been asking for more practice. I’ll put up all the Prelim Papers for 2016 here. Do note that the syllabus is 9740 so students should practice discretion and skip [...]

Meritocracy? Junior colleges merger and its implications

It’s pretty interesting that shortly after our post on meritocracy, we have news about the junior college (JC) mergers. For more information about the news, you could take a look at [...]

Welcome J1 to your new academic life :)

We at The Culture have been receiving calls recently since the start of the J1 orientation program about our tuition program. This post is a shoutout to those students who are interested in the [...]

O’levels Results 2016!

All of us wish the students receiving the O’levels Results 2016 the best! And do not let grades define you. 🙂 If you’re keen to meet up with us for the JC Talk, you may contact [...]

New Year, New Syllabus!

Happy 2016 to everyone! I’ve a really exciting news to share now with regards to H2 Mathematics. As I mentioned in a post before, I felt that the current H2 Mathematics can do some [...]

Post- 2015 H2 Mathematics Paper 1 Thoughts

Easier than 2014. Tricky. Very tricky. Tedious. When I did it, it felt a bit like a AJC paper slightly, so I believe AJC students might find the paper quite comfortable. Paper is not super [...]

A little on bell curve

Since many students were asking, I thought I’ll roughly explain the bell curve and its distribution properties. Before that, I thought I should mention that I’m not really sure myself [...]

H3 Mathematics

As the Promotional Examination Results are all released gradually for most schools, a few Year 5 students have came up to me to ask about H3 subjects. I can’t really comment for other [...]

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