Student’s Question #4

This is a very theoretical question with regards to hypothesis testing. My student asked what is meant by 1% level of significance. So I know that many would have memorised the standard format of [...]

Student’s Question #2

This question is with regards to parametric equations. We are given and my student have difficulties finding the equation of the line of symmetry. So let us first look at how parametric equations [...]

Student’s Question #1

This is question from an AJC prelim exams, I’m not really sure which year. The question prompts students if there will be a change in the r-value should, the scientists change the unit of [...]

Student’s Question #3

This questions is on vectors, in particular, finding the shortest distance of a point (0, 0, 3) to the plane. My student was able to do it but had a terrible careless mistake. But nevertheless, I [...]