The Modulus Sign #3

Here, we shall discuss something called the Triangle inequality which states that . I thought this is rather important as I see too many students writing things like latex |2+(-2)| = 0latex [...]

The Modulus Sign #2

So now let us look at a simple relationship that many students memorise instead of understand. Below, we see a absolute function graph. Now we all know that gives us . So how did that happen? [...]

The Modulus Sign #4

I received this from a student of mine who was really confused with the transition from line 2 to line 3. Students should give it a thought before reading my explanation below. Firstly, my [...]

The Modulus Sign #1

A few weeks back, I conducted a weekend of lessons on the modulus sign (or absolute value sign) with all my JC2. Its to prepare them for the upcoming prelims and A-levels. Many students till [...]