Probability Question #1

A man looks at his watch at a random time between mid-day and 1300H. What is the probability that the angle between the hands of the watch is less than ? Ans:

Integration Question #1

This is a rather easy questions which stumped a good number of students initially. Hint: You must use integration by parts.

Student’s Question #3

This questions is on vectors, in particular, finding the shortest distance of a point (0, 0, 3) to the plane. My student was able to do it but had a terrible careless mistake. But nevertheless, I [...]

Normal Distribution Question #1

This is an interesting question from ACJC’2014 Prelim Exam. I feel that it test a lot on students’ understanding of the normal distribution curve. The height , in centimetres, of a [...]

Completing the square

This is a very old-school and technical method we learnt in secondary school. However, many students are unable to do it accurately still. The trick of completing the square is realising that it [...]

APG Question #2 (Interest Rate)

The following is a good APGP practice question from AJC. Personally, I feel that its well set and tests students on their concepts and understanding. Mary has a monthly income of 40,000 for 6 [...]

Let’s try some calculus questions

Many students often overlook that the coefficient of in the integration or differentiation formulas in MF15 is 1!!! When it is not 1, many things changes. I’ll let the examples do the [...]

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