On time

The one thing many students overlook in A-level is Time. A lot of students I see lack the ability to finish the full paper on time, that is, in 2.5h, not 3h. We all need to check on the [...]

Vectors: Cross vs Dot Product

Many students have asked me why is there a difference between cross(vector) and dot(scalar) product, after all it is like multiplying. For starters, the former produces a resultant vector while [...]

How I encourage students to study Math in JC

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with friend of mine who is still teaching in a renowned JC. He was lamenting how students today don’t study for the sake of learning. So I thought of sharing [...]

The Birthday Paradox

This is an interesting probability problem (paradox). And no, this isn’t about the Cheryl’s Birthday Problem. In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox[1] [...]

A-level vs IB Mathematics

I’ve been giving several JC Talk at various tuition centres, students mostly ask me the difference between A-level vs IB. I’ll simply share my opinions on Mathematics. Difference [...]

Vectors: to draw or not to draw?

When I teach vectors, I notice how students love to draw the diagrams of their own diagrams and then depend on them to solve question. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with drawing. But I always [...]

Scary complex numbers

Many JC1 heard fearsome tales of Complex number from their seniors. But how scary is it? Is this imaginary thing so bad. Having taught so many batches of students, many fear complex numbers as it [...]

Why is 0! = 1?

This question is probably very baffling to several students. Many students will exclaim to me, but this is incorrect. To understand why , we need to first look at what means; is the number of [...]

Importance of Prelims

Many students have the mentality that now they are in JC2, what matters is just how you do in A-levels since its what you get into University. I thought I should share some pros of doing well in [...]