Scary complex numbers

Many JC1 heard fearsome tales of Complex number from their seniors. But how scary is it? Is this imaginary thing so bad.

Having taught so many batches of students, many fear complex numbers as it seem to be out of the comfort zone. After all, the secondary and primary school teachers used to say the you can never square root a negative number, so what is the deal with complex number.



Firstly, complex numbers allow us to explore more dimensions and possibility. But this is probably talk for the advanced. I’ll discuss how to overcome this fear. Complex numbers is algebra, with the introduction of an addition constant, i. There isn’t much to fear. Techniques like rationalising, completing the square, substitution of simultaneous equations will come into good use.

I notice that once students overcome that fear and treat it as a simple algebra topic, they have not much problems handling the topic. You can always set up consultations with me!

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