Complex Numbers with Graphings Problem

N95/II/12 Given that where , express the real and imaginary parts of in terms of . (i) Hence show that the point representing in an Argand diagram lies on the curve with Cartesian equation . (ii) [...]

Solutions to Review 1

Question 1 (i) (ii) Using long division, we find that So the asymptotes are and Question 2 (i) This is a hyperbola with centre , asymptotes are , and vertices and . is a graph with asymptotes and [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #8

ACJC P2 Q3 The function g is defined by (ii) Explain why the composite function exist. (iii) Sketch the graph of .

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #7

VJC P1 Q9 (i) Sketch the graph with equation , where and A hemispherical bowl of fixed radius cm is filled with water. Water drains out from a hole at the bottom of the bowl at a constant rate. [...]