Applications of modern world

Dear students,

I’m sure you have come across the phrase “modern world” in your essay and application question especially. Are you aware that features of the modern world are the most important component to scoring in the AQ? So what exactly constitute these modern society features?

  1. Competitive society: goal to be better than the rest; to be part of the elites. Loss of compassion for humanity; stressful living environment.

  2. Fragmented world- a world split by differences and arguments

  3. Award driven/importance of credentials : Importance of a track record, help to secure deals, differentiate themselves and help government secure foreign direct investments.

  4. Capitalistic: Profit driven and materialistic. Exploitation and injustice of the developing countries.

  5. Global village- an increasingly progressive, liberal world. Greater interconnectedness that is brought about due to globalization.

  6. Belief in Human Rights: increasingly desire to lead the way of life like we want it

Here are some of the features of the modern world in which u can use to brainstorm for your essay and your AQ. Students in our classes are taught how to apply these in order to score the A needed for their AQ and essays.

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