Impact of removal of common last topic (CLT)

It has been awhile since the last update and I hope all the students are well and studying hard for the upcoming preliminaries and A’levels. A handful of students have asked me about the impact of the removal of the common last topic (CLT). For H2 Mathematics, it will be Correlation & Regression. So I took the liberty to email SEAB and received the following, and will be sharing here. I quote,

“Candidates will be instructed to remove questions assessing CLTs from affected papers. There will be no replacement for the questions removed. There will also be no change to the duration of the examination.

On the day of the examination, the invigilators will inform candidates if there are questions assessing CLTs in the question paper. If there are, each candidate will be issued a notice containing instructions to strike out the questions/part-questions that assess the CLTs. 

If questions on CLT are removed from a particular paper, the total mark remaining would be the new total mark of that paper. SEAB will carry out post-examination processes to ensure that candidates are fairly assessed.”

A few things to note here. Duration of paper will not change but total marks of a paper will be so this should affect the marks/ minutes a student has and also the weightage of each mark on the whole.

Personally, I feel this is a win for science students. And perhaps for humanities students, it might be tougher.
All the best for A’levels!

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