H2 Mathematics Crash Course Sept

Our team at “theculture.sg” have been really busy the past few weeks, which explains the lack of posts. We have really exciting news to share with our reads. While we are busy preparing our students for the preliminary exams on all levels such as time management and exam preparedness, we received many queries regarding the possibility for a H2 Math crash course program. We had the H1 General Paper Crash Course in June Holidays and it benefited all the students that attended it. For this September Holidays, we are kicking something different and special. We are holding a 8-hr crash course for H2 Mathematics, alongside with General Paper Crash Course.

All along, we believe that fundamentals are important, conceptual understanding is paramount for optimal learning of Sciences. Our past experiences in teaching and guiding students taught us that students know all these concepts, and they are hidden somewhere in their brain. From answering all the various questions sent to us through texts, and left online, we developed our methodology to analyze trends and behaviors. Students of Mr. Teng should know he always say, “Statistics do not lie!”. So he did his homework for A’level trends.

So are you one of those students have no trouble understanding the solutions provided, but struggle to start doing a question even? Or one of those that have difficulties finishing the paper optimally? Or one of those that want to test your knowledge?

Each crash course will be 8 hrs long from 8th-9th Sept.  The timings for J2 would be 8-12pm on both days; for J1 it would be 1-5pm. This crash course is created and planned to be very intensive and prepares the students well. Students of all abilities will be well suited to come attend the class. And since you guys are the graduating batch of 9740 H2 Mathematics, theculture.sg will gift students that sign up for BOTH General Paper and Mathematics a comprehensive summary for H2 Mathematics.

You may contact me at +65 9815 6827.

Do not miss this opportunity of learning with us, as we might not have the time to do this course again ahead of A’levels.

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