Arts and Literature Questions

Dear readers,

I’m sure some of you have realized that I have been posting essay outlines for arts and literature questions. Based on my teaching experience, many students do not like to attempt such questions because they are deemed to be difficult and boring. Most students do not even have an interest in the arts, resulting in them being unable to comment on such essays.

However, I would like to encourage you to consider such questions. I feel that the questions for this segment are quite predictable, meaning students can prepare their arguments before they even enter the examination halls. Also, since fewer students love to write such questions, the competition is definitely a lot less compared to Science and Technology questions… Finally, arts and literature questions are a lot more broad-based allowing students to expand the scope and demonstrate greater insights in their responses compared to how Science and Technology questions are becoming increasingly narrow.

Thus, based on the above reasons, shouldn’t you start looking at this topic to prepare for the A levels? Are you convinced right now?

PS Question selection is important when it comes to the A levels. Choosing the wrong question may cause you your grades. Any students here want to learn the fine art of question selection from me? 🙂 Do let me know.

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