So the A’levels is coming to an end. Good job to all the JC2s! I did receive a few questions on studying Mathematics at undergraduate level. So I thought the following article might just answer it.

A few (living) mathematicians you can google are, Jim Simons, Edward Thorp and James Stewart too.

The article is a fairly interesting read since many students have come up to me and asked why do I study and like Mathematics so much, and what can I do in my life. Of course, there are some students who got their A’levels grade and took an A for H2 Math as a calling to study Mathematics. Well, tread carefully.

Personally, having a Mathematics background do not just lead to one being a teacher or tutor. At the end of the day, Mathematics boils down to problem solving (It is the core of Mathematics) and from the article, they draw a few real world problems to pique some interests. 🙂

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