H3 Mathematics

As the Promotional Examination Results are all released gradually for most schools, a few Year 5 students have came up to me to ask about H3 subjects. I can’t really comment for other subjects as I have to experience in them. Here, I’ll share more on H3 Mathematics.

Firstly, there are two types of H3 Mathematics: MOE H3 and University H3.

MOE H3 Mathematics

MOE H3 Mathematics mainly picks off where H2 had left the students at. You can review the course syllabus here. Students will be exposed to more real world applications of Mathematics here. As you can see from the distribution of content, a lot of focus are put on differential equations. This is exactly where H2 Mathematics left off at. Students will be amazed at the use of differential equations. Personally, I feel that this is not that difficult if you aren’t not struggling with H2 Mathematics at all since it is just a step up; think of it as H1 to H2.

University H3 Mathematics

University H3 will allow students to take a module in the University, which in this case is Linear Algebra. There might be host schools (JCs that teaches this subject in their college) and students will be expected to travel there, or attend the course directly with the university students. Linear Algebra 101 will teach students to handle matrices. Students will learn how to solve their system of Linear Equations by HAND. Yes, its a pretty cool method (algorthm) actually. They will also be exposed to eigenvectors. This is a truly a step up from H2 Mathematics, and it is quite different. But learning this topic well, will prepare the student well in University since Linear Algebra is used extensively in many different fields, not just a major in Mathematics.


Most of my H3 students find Linear Algebra quite challenging, even ex students who are doing a major in Mathematics. But let’s just say that, with enough practice, one should do fine in the course.

The next thing that students should consider when picking up a H3, is if they have the time to do it. Its a new commitment that requires you to travel and study. And you will not get discount for marks, or make up lectures should you miss the class. So time management and discipline is really important for students.

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