The ACJC H2 Math results were released yesterday. And I know many students were disheartened and disappointed. They worked really hard but their results did not show their effort.

I encourage this students to focus on their percentile instead of the alphabet grade you are getting. This is because you need to know and weigh yourself against your peers considering you are taking the same paper. And this will give you a good gauge of your abilities. Furthermore, some schools certainly have much harder prelims. I was doing the HCI prelim P2 with my RI class yesterday, and they all observed difficult instances.

On top of these, your paper might not be as hard as your peers. So please do not compare physical grades with peers from other schools too. And if time do permit, try other school’s prelims to have a feel of other school’s standards. I gave all my students, ACJC, CJC and HCI prelims to try. I feel that these schools have a good amount of questions that covers different important concepts.


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