Difference between H1 Math and H2 Math

Prior to going Junior College, we always hold JC talks at various location to discuss with post O-levels students what to expect in JC. So many were confused with H1 Mathematics and H2 Mathematics. Let’s compare and contrast H1 and H2 Math in A-levels. And is H1 truly easier?

Content difference between H1 and H2 Math

Firstly, H1 Mathematics is 50% content of H2 Mathematics. Topics such as Vectors, Complex Numbers, Differential Equations, etc are not taught to H1 Mathematics students.

Is H1 Math easier?

In short, yes.

But will questions will be easier? No! I think there is a common misconception that H1 Mathematics is easier, only the studying part since students have lesser things to study. However, difficulty of the questions are not being halved or scaled down.

Exam difference between H1 and H2 Math

H2 Mathematics involves two 3-hr papers where paper 1 tests on pure mathematics while paper two comprise of statistics and pure mathematics. The overall composition for pure mathematics and statistics is 70$ and 30% respectively. H1 Mathematics, on the other hand, has one 3-hr paper which consists of 60 marks on statistics and 35 marks on pure mathematics.

What about the prospects?

Now many students are also concerned about the prospects of taking either subject. Personally, I strongly encourage students to take H2 Mathematics as it does prepares them for University well. Believe me, unless you are going into Medicine, Law, Architecture or Dentistry FOR SURE, you probably cannot escape from Math entirely. So the know-how will definitely help.

Pre-requisites wise, I know some students that do not have Additional Mathematics background from secondary schools who managed to get an A for H2 Mathematics. So if they can, why not you? But these students put in double the effort as they know they are already lagging behind. My advice in general will be that, if you don’t have additional mathematics background, think carefully about H2 Mathematics. No doubt it is beneficial and crucial to meeting many university entry requirements, but JC is less than 2 years and you must ask yourself if you are ready and disciplined enough. 🙂

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