The midyears for many JC have ended and most of my students got their papers back. I notice a handful do not follow instructions very clearly. The instructions to candidates always state clearly as shown.

Credits: A-levels
Credits: A-levels

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! Its very upsetting that students give up the entire question at (i) because they cannot show/ prove (i). They need to realise that (ii) can still be well-attempted and they should not throw marks away freely.

NON-EXACT answers! What exactly is non-exact answers? Consider \frac{389.8}{8}=48.725, this is exact so students should NOT round it off to 3 significant figures. On the other hand \frac{389.8}{8}=55.6857142857 \approx {55.7} is correct as that is non-exact. Students should be more alert of such common pitfalls as they are throwing their answer marks.

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