Integrating Trigonometric functions (part 4)

We shall now proceed to integrating and similarly, lets refresh the formulas we should know. (MF15) (MF15) So how do we ? I’ll first rewrite it as for some insights. We can’t adopt [...]

Integrating Trigonometric functions (part 3)

So part 3, we look at ! This is slightly more complicated as we need to first lay out some formulas that we should know. (MF15) (MF15) Notice how and are quite related here… And we recall [...]

Integrating Trigonometric functions (part 2)

As promised, we will look at this time. It might get boring, as the method is exactly the same as as they are quite related. Easy! This requires double angle formula: Here we introduce trigo [...]

Let’s try some calculus questions

Many students often overlook that the coefficient of in the integration or differentiation formulas in MF15 is 1!!! When it is not 1, many things changes. I’ll let the examples do the [...]

Importance of Prelims

Many students have the mentality that now they are in JC2, what matters is just how you do in A-levels since its what you get into University. I thought I should share some pros of doing well in [...]

Easiest way to remember cosec, sec and cot

Here is a little tip to how to remember the formulas for your favorite trigonometry functions!

MF15 can’t be more useful!

The only cheatsheet every student can bring into the exam hall. What is MF15? It’s the formula sheet every H2 Math student needs to know about. View PDF I thought we can look at the MF15 [...]

Integrating Trigonometric functions (part 1)

Integration is topic that eludes several students. Many think that its those “you either see or don’t” topic. But its all practice and a bit of tricks. Let me touch on [...]

How to derive the sum to product formula

We shall look at an easy method of remembering or knowing how to derive the sum to product formula. As you see below is the product to sum formula: We first let , and thus have, The first formula [...]

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