Conditional Probability

Some students complain that they often read a question and cannot figure if there is a conditional probability present. So lets hope the following explanation will aid them to better understand [...]

Probability Question #2

This is question in relation to the birthday paradox we discussed earlier. A room contains randomly chosen people. Assume that a randomly chosen people is equally likely to have been born on any [...]

Probability Question #1

A man looks at his watch at a random time between mid-day and 1300H. What is the probability that the angle between the hands of the watch is less than ? Ans:

The Birthday Paradox

This is an interesting probability problem (paradox). And no, this isn’t about the Cheryl’s Birthday Problem. In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox[1] [...]

Why is 0! = 1?

This question is probably very baffling to several students. Many students will exclaim to me, but this is incorrect. To understand why , we need to first look at what means; is the number of [...]

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