2018 A-level H2 Mathematics (9758) Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

All solutions here are SUGGESTED. Mr. Teng will hold no liability for any errors. Comments are entirely personal opinions. Numerical Answers (click the questions for workings/explanation) [...]

Checklist for Vectors

Many schools have been doing vectors recently. Thought I’ll share a little summary/ checklist I have done for my students. Basic Concepts Operations on Vectors Addition & Subtraction [...]

Some questions that students ask recently.

I’ve been asked many times recently about what university course to take, and also what university to go too, etc. Some students ask me how does Financial Mathematics work? So I’ve [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #10

PJC P2 Q1 The complex numbers a and b are given by and respectively. (i) On a single Argand diagram, sketch the loci (a) (b) (ii) Find the range of where is the complex number that satisfies the [...]

New Year, New Syllabus!

Happy 2016 to everyone! I’ve a really exciting news to share now with regards to H2 Mathematics. As I mentioned in a post before, I felt that the current H2 Mathematics can do some [...]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the visitors! Thanks for following or reading. 🙂 Personally, Mr Teng has been really busy pursuing his personal interests. On a side note, I thought of [...]

KS’ thoughts on H2 Math 2015

After Christine shared what will likely pop up in the upcoming H1 GP paper, I thought I can share some thoughts too. Just to clarify, I am not spotting as I never believe in spotting for a [...]