History matters in shaping the future of a country. To what extent is this true?

History matters in shaping the future of a country because it allows counties to understand changes and developments that had taken place to create the present society. In this highly globalized [...]

5 Golden Rules for your Application Question (AQ)

How do you handle the application question (AQ) effectively? Here’s 5 golden nuggets for you to remember. Work on your timing! Always complete your AQ under timed conditions! You should [...]

Is the elimination of global poverty a realistic aim?

Poverty as defined by the UN is “the denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity”. What this essentially means is that a person suffering from poverty lacks the [...]

Is aging population a necessarily bad thing?

Topics on ageism have been coming out recently in many schools prelim papers. Perhaps its worth taking a look at this topic on aging population. Who are we referring to in an aging population? [...]

The role of artificial intelligence in our lives

There seems to be increasingly interest in artificial intelligence in the area of science and technology today. As such, I have decided to create a post to address this just in case it comes out [...]

Are certain types of writing superior to others?

Define writing- information rich articles in newspapers; formal writing in contracts; aesthetic and expressive forms such as poetry, music composing and narratives. All types of writing [...]