5 Golden Rules for your Application Question (AQ)

How do you handle the application question (AQ) effectively? Here’s 5 golden nuggets for you to remember.

  1. Work on your timing! Always complete your AQ under timed conditions! You should allocate a maximum of 30 minutes to complete it. The biggest trap to avoid is messing your timing and spending too much time on the low-mark questions, leaving you short of time on the questions that carry much higher marks.
  2. Highlight key arguments that you wish to pick up and argue upon. Where can you find these arguments? As a general rule of thumb, arguments can be found in either the first or the last sentence of each paragraph! Of course, there will be arguments embedded in the middle of the paragraph or even within examples themselves. You should know how to seive these arguments out by now!!!
  3. Build up your responses. Analysis is clearly expected. An argument can be sufficiently developed through the use of connectives, such as: ‘this leads to’; ‘which could then result in’; ‘which may then cause this’; ‘which would then mean’. These connectives show that you are building up a developed chain, which is exactly what the examiners are looking for.
  4. Link to the question. Your argument has to be in context. Generic lines of argument that could relate to anything are not going to reach the level for ‘good’ analysis. Your argument must focus on the precise question type and be relevant to the question.
  5. Evaluate effectively. Examiners are looking for a clear and supported final jugement that answers the question. Therefore, get off the fence and make sure you actually answer the question. The weighing of arguments for and against should have formed part of your analysis, but the key aspect is that you go one way and support it. Look to use words and phrases such as: ‘in my opinion, I believe’; ‘clearly the best option would be’. These show the decisiveness that examiners are looking for in the final paragragh and judgement.

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