This post is going out to all students that are taking their A levels GP 2016 this year: the listed topics are just some of the common questions that schools have set in this prelim. You may want to take note of it and prepare for these issues just in case. Being prepared beats being caught off guard right?

  1. S&T with Artificial Intelligence/ robotics
  2. S&T with eco-cities/green cities
  3. Sports (take note it is usually cross-topical). It could be sports with arts; sports with S&T; Sports with gender; Sports with war etc.
  4. Government collaboration especially in areas like war and terrorism; migrant issues and how does government interference infringes on privacy and rights of individuals
  5. Arts and Culture (significance of museums/historical places etc).
  6. Ageism + SG society

P.S Do take note that S&T questions are usually quite narrow; while arts and culture questions tend to be broad-based. Prepare accordingly to the question types and requirements! Good luck to all who are mugging now.


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