The man who knew infinity

Previously, I shared a post on the golden nugget. It relates a bit about the movie The Man Who Knew Infinity. I finally found time to watch it while I’m overseas. Usually in Singapore, I’m too overwhelmed with work and tuitions. So yes, I actually watch movies and gym/ swim when I’m overseas. So the show is really great. Its not a MATH movie so one doesn’t have to understand any math to watch it. It traces the life story of S. Ramanujan, who if you watched the video on the golden nugget, is a seriously good mathematician. The whole movie is really exciting and tells a good story of the sacrifices that mathematicians make. And I do hold great respects for anyone in the field of Pure Mathematics. The things they do really extends to solve many real-world problem today. And if you’re interested in prime numbers a bit, feel free to read here.

Another great math-related movie recently will be the Imitation Game, which on Alan Turing. I watched it with some of my closer students and most of them find it non-mathematical.

Yes, this is another “motivating Mathematics” post.

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